About us

Still remembering where it all began at the age of 6 being shocked as I walked into the lounge room on that christmas morning seeing a $60 second hand blue devil bmx asking the question. “Whose is it?” The reply “yours!” With that answer I proceeded directly to the front door, bike in tow and trying to contain my excitement. I spent that whole morning on that bmx. My first ever bike. It is one of my greatest memories and 35 years later I still get that feeling that only those who ride can understand. Trying to infect all around us with the experience that is sometimes indescribable. There have been other sports that have come and gone but bikes have always been in the house(not the shed) This is why we have started Ride Union. Because we ride. Because we love it. Because we can’t imagine life without it.

Being part of something original today is so hard as everything has already been done but we will try do better by you and creating your own experiences just like we have our own. Its something you’ll always have and we want to be a part of it. It’s not about how fast or how slow, but about the memories we make along the way –
Ride Union.